Bloomberg Connects

Culture Pass has partnered with Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app, that features expert-curated content and guides to hundreds of museums around the world—including dozens of Culture Pass partner organizations in NYC. From trip-planning tools and interactive maps to video, audio, and text content, Bloomberg Connects can help you enhance your next cultural outing. Once you've downloaded the app, either search for or scroll down to the organization you plan to visit and start exploring.



Scan the QR code or click here to download the Bloomberg Connects app



Created by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Bloomberg Connects app is designed with a variety of built-in accessibility features including voice over, captions and audio transcripts, image zoom, and font size adjustment. Individual guides on the app are available in a variety of languages, as determined by each organization.


Bloomberg Connects is a third-party mobile application (app) developed by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The app is not owned or operated by the Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library, or Queens Public Library, and therefore we encourage you to review the Bloomberg Connects privacy policy hereThe policy can also be reviewed within the app on your mobile device. Once you have downloaded the app, we also encourage you to review the app’s specific privacy settings, found in the “Settings” menu on your mobile device.